Guangdong reports no new local COVID-19 cases for 3 days

The province has reported no new local COVID-19 cases for three consecutive days.

2021-06-25 17:18:00 来源

Direct bullet trains from Nanhai to Zhuhai Chimelong open today

A bullet train from Foshan West Railway Station in Nanhai to Zhuhai Chimelong is now available on 12306.

2021-06-25 16:39:00 来源:Foshan China

Full coverage of 5G network available in Shunde

As of June 20th, Shunde has achieve a full 5G network coverage.

2021-06-25 16:42:00 来源:Foshan China

Shunde foreign trade topped 100 billion in the past 5 months

Shunde has registered a total value of 102.01 billion yuan in foreign trade.

2021-06-25 10:03:00 来源:Foshan China

Guangdong reports no new local COVID-19 cases on June 23

Guangdong Province reported no new locally transmitted confirmed COVID-19 cases on Wednesday.

2021-06-24 20:01:00 来源:新华网

14 Foshan brands listed as Chinas 500 Most Valuable Brands

On June 22nd, World Brand Lab has released the list of "Chinas 500 Most Valuable Brands" in 2021.

2021-06-25 09:55:00 来源:Foshan China

A road to explore wealth and nature in Foshan

Jingzao Line has been included in "Top 10 Most Beautiful Highways" in Guangdong.

2021-06-25 09:46:00 来源:Foshan China

Foshan Wing Chun empowered to be a leading force of marital arts

Wing Chun (Foshan Wing Chun) has been selected as a national intangible cultural heritage project.

2021-06-24 09:59:00 来源:Foshan China

Three parks updated to unlock your leisure moments in Foshan

Three parks in Foshan will be undergoing a massive renovation.

2021-06-23 17:40:00 来源:Foshan China

KDT to be headquartered in Shunde for intelligent furniture

Guangzhou KDT Machinery Co., Ltd. was approved to settle in the core area of high-end industrial base in Shunde.

2021-06-23 17:25:00 来源:Foshan China

Updates on COVID-19 cases in Guangdong on June 23

On June 22, Guangdong reported no new local confirmed COVID-19 cases and no new asymptomatic cases.

2021-06-23 17:31:00 来源:佛山外事

An ostrich running a "catwalk" on Foshan Avenue at rush hour

an ostrich, about 1.7 meters high, unexpectedly appeared on a road in Foshan on June 21st.

2021-06-22 20:30:00 来源:Foshan China

Did Dancing Lion take on your Yuekang Code today?

"Yuekang Code" has been bordered with a golden frame and an adorable "dancing lion" stands at the center.

2021-06-22 20:03:00 来源:Foshan China

Updates on COVID-19 cases in Guangdong on June 22

On June 21, Guangdong reported 2 new local confirmed COVID-19 cases.

2021-06-22 20:00:00 来源:佛山外事

"Three shot" vaccine available now in GD

"Three-shot" vaccine is provided in many areas of Guangdong.

2021-06-22 20:00:00 来源:Foshan China