A Letter to Foreign Friends in Foshan

As the virus has continued to spread, for your safety, we urge you to take some actions.

2021-06-01 17:48:00 来源:

Notice on the Management of Vehicles and Personnel Leaving Foshan

Measures for vehicles and personnel leaving Foshan were launched.

2021-06-01 17:33:00 来源:

The worlds first aerospace microwave oven made in Foshan

"Tianzhou-2" cargo ship was launched with the worlds first aerospace microwave oven.

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"Mobile cabin lab" speeds up nucleic acid testing in Foshan

A "mobile cabin lab" were dispatched to support nucleic acid testing work in Foshan.

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Foshan, keeps fighting against virus!

Over the last few days, nucleic acid testing was carried out in Foshan.

2021-06-01 09:41:00 来源:Foshan China

Foshan garden opens on Bavarian Horticultural Exposition

Foshan Garden has been unveiled in a horticultural Exposition held in German.

2021-05-31 09:16:00 来源:China Daily

Important Notice!

Notification on Carrying Out Nucleic Acid Testing for COVID 19 on the Whole People in the Whole Chancheng District of Foshan

2021-05-28 22:36:00 来源:Command Center for COVID-19 Prevention and Control

First hydrogen-powered ship in Guangdong sailed

"Xianhu One" has ushered in an age of hydrogen-powered ships in Nanhai District.

2021-05-27 17:28:00 来源:

A world-class stadium opened in Lishui, Foshan

Zemu Staduim is only world-class stadium designated to host matches in southeast China.

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China Lesso Digital Intelligence Factory kicked off

The foundation ceremony of China Lesso Digital Intelligence Factory started on May 24th.

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A "paper-cut" painting brought classic art in fashion

Xie Yanas Paper-cut Exhibition Show was wrapped up at Nanhai Cultural Center.

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Infore and Huawei cooperated on intelligent sanitation system

Infore Environment and Huawei signed a framework partnership agreement On May 21st.

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A century-old western-style mansion in Foshan

Built in 1887, Wu’s Mansion is a combination of Lingnan style and western one.

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A feast of "rice" in the museum: Foshan Qiuse

60 Rice-themed dishes in Longping Rice Museum are Qiuse artworks from Foshan.

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Shunde dragon boat team won champions on national contest

The 2021 China Dragon Boat Open kick-started in Suining, Sichuan from May 22nd to 23rd.

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