To taste "Sanshui Vinagar" on loving May 20th | Amazing Foshan

Foshan hosted the "2021 Sanshui Vinegar Culture Festival" in Lubao, Sanshui.

2021-05-24 09:52:00 来源:Foshan China

Yummy! 108 popular dishes unveiled in Foshan

Tourism Consumption Campaign and “Foshan Flavor” Conference were held on May 19th.

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Foshan: an emerging innovation highland in Guangdong

Foshan with 9 prizes ranked 3rd among all cities in Guangdong.

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A tech-based gallery show ignited sensation in Nanhai

6 recreated classic art works displayed at Guicheng Gallery

2021-05-21 15:53:00 来源:Foshan China

Video | This is Foshan

New documentary video to capature Foshan from all facets.

2021-05-21 15:40:00 来源:Foshan China

Foshan foreign trade growth ranked 1st from Jan-Apr in GD

Foshan’s foreign trade growth has maintained a sound growth momentum.

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Foshan ranks 7th for the number of the richest self-made women

Hurun Richest Self-Made Women in the World 2021 released on May 19th.

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59 yuan to unlock your idyllic life in Foshan

Four new travel routes in Foshan have been opened.

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Another tourist attraction rated as “National 3A” in Foshan

Nandan Mountain Forest Park has recently been rated as a national 3A-level tourist attraction.

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Foshans first TOEFL test center opens next month

Shunde Desheng School unveiled the first TOEFL test center in Foshan.

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Sanlongwan builds Industry 4.0 Learning Platform

Sino-German 4.0 Learning Platform is built for digital transformation.

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Ways to celebrate International Museum Day in Foshan

"2021 International Museum Day" is about to kick off!

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A shiny "Galaxy" lights up flowers in Shishan Town

The field of dragon fruit flowers with numerous lights in Shishan Town is like a brilliant galaxy.

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Night-time Foshan, Amazing!

Foshan at night is amazing, full of vigor and vitality.

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19 projects gathered 30 bln yuan in GD Financial High-Tech Zone

An investment scale of 30 billion yuan has landed in Foshan.

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