56 products with "Foshan Standards" to protect consumers

56 products from 37 brands with "Foshan Standards" were unveiled for the first batch.

2021-05-18 15:55:00 来源:

Misty wonderland of lotus flowers staged at Asian Arts Park

The Lotus Island will install artificial fog from May 15th.

2021-05-18 15:47:00 来源:

Lively graffiti art lights up Nanhai this summer

Classic Nanhai meets trendy graffiti arts.

2021-05-12 16:56:00 来源:Foshan China

Galanz acquired Whirlpool with 2.05 billion yuan

Galanz joined forces with the century-old American household appliance company.

2021-05-11 16:10:00 来源:Foshan China

Foshan ranked 2nd in China in comprehensive brand influence

Foshan ranked 2nd among top 100 cities in comprehensive brand influence.

2021-05-11 15:37:00 来源:Foshan China

Foshans Best Seasonal Greens in Summer!

Dading bitter gourd and Langsha Bamboo Shoots have come into market!

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First 4K Cantonese opera film to be released

"The Legend of the White Snake: Love" will be released on May 20th.

2021-05-10 17:16:00 来源:Foshan China

Another "Fisherman Warf" in Shunde welcomes tourists with industrial style

Flashback on good old days in Shundes industrial park

2021-05-10 16:22:00 来源:Foshan China

Foshan badminton girl won the champion at qualifying round of National Games

Chen Qingchen and her teamate won by a score of 2 to 0

2021-05-08 17:24:00 来源:Foshan China

1.8 billion yuan! Foshan tourist market sees robust recovery

1.8 billion yuan! Foshan tourist market sees robust recovery during May Day holiday

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Foshan Lion Dance Championships in May Day|Bilingual

Exciting lion dance game to be kicked off this May Day in Foshan.

2021-05-06 16:22:00 来源:Foshan China

Sangyuanwei received its award as World Heritage Irrigation Structure

Sangyuanwei gained global recognition.

2021-04-30 15:47:00 来源:Foshan China

Satellite “Foshan-1” was launched this week!

Epoch-making breakthrough for Chinas aerospace sector

2021-04-30 09:46:00 来源:Foshan China

Fudan and Jihua Laboratory signed to build an AI Lab

New R&D base to power up Foshans AI industry.

2021-04-30 09:26:00 来源:Foshan China

Midea and KUKA worked to build an intelligent manufacturing technological park

Shunde entered a new era for robotic industy.

2021-04-29 17:37:00 来源:Foshan China