Have fun in Foshan | Explore the 600-year-old Ancestral Temple Fair

The event celebrating the birthday of the God of the North has nearly 600 years history.

2023-08-19 12:30:14 来源:Foshan China

Nanhai, runner-up on the list of top 100 districts!

2021-09-30 09:25:00 来源:Foshan China

How to get an investment guide in the GBA?

Foshan News interviewed Sanlongwan official to talk about how the cluster make efforts in global cooperation and communication.

2021-08-26 16:33:00 来源:Foshan China

​2021 CTA 500 (Foshan) to be held in November

The logo and slogan of 2021 China Tennis Tour in Foshan (CTA 500) were released.

2021-08-23 17:25:00 来源:Foshan China

Overseas Chinese from Foshan can now have notarial service online

Overseas Chinese from Foshan can now enjoy notarization services online.

2021-08-20 17:00:00 来源:Foshan China

3 towns from Foshan listed as China Top 50 Featured Town

Foshan has 3 featured towns selected as the top 50 in China.

2021-08-20 16:50:00 来源:Foshan China

Vlog| Take Nanhai Tram with us

The first section of Nanhai Tram Line 1 started operation yesterday. Take the Tram with us!

2021-08-19 17:33:00 来源:Foshan China

Shunde ranking No.6 on top 100 Chinese districts

The report released reveals that 8 districts on the top ten are in Guangdong.

2021-08-19 17:27:00 来源:Foshan China

What’s Foshan people’s favorite midnight snack?

More than 70% delivery men worked at night in Foshan, ranking among top 10 in China.

2021-08-19 17:23:00 来源:Foshan China

Domestic robot giant Estun Automation settles in Shunde

Sanlongwan will furthur link domestic and foreign innovation resources.

2021-08-18 17:47:00 来源:Foshan China

4 towns in Foshan selected as “Hometown of Folk Culture and Art”

A candidate list of "the Hometown of Folk Culture and Art in Guangdong" was released.

2021-08-18 17:31:00 来源:Foshan China

Another skyscraper topped out in GD Financial High-tech Zone

Guangdong Finance High-tech Zone newly built 193 meters office.

2021-08-18 11:51:00 来源:Foshan China

Huya starts operation in Nanhai Area of Sanlongwan

Foshan branch of Huya Company moved in Nanhai Area of Sanlongwan.

2021-08-18 11:22:00 来源:Foshan China

30 Shunde famous snacks have been selected! Come and vote!

36 Shunde enterprises selected 74 snacks to participate in the selection.

2021-08-18 10:17:00 来源:Foshan China

New landmarks of Greater Bay Area in Foshan

Foshan plans to launch new landmarks in the Greater Bay Area.

2021-08-18 09:48:00 来源:Foshan China