​2021 CTA 500 (Foshan) to be held in November
Foshan China 2021-08-23 17:25

On August 21, the logo and slogan of 2021 China Tennis Tour in Foshan (CTA 500) were officially released. The work created by a design team from Foshan University, "Tennis with Foshan", with the shape of a lion and a tennis ball, became the Logo of the Foshan tournament.




The CTA 500 is a tennis amateur tournament of the highest level on the China Tour. According to the schedule, five stops will be held in Yiyang, Wuhan, Ningbo, Chongqing and Foshan between May and November 2021. Among them, the 2021 China Tennis Tour in Foshan is scheduled to be held at the Century Lotus Tennis Center in November.



Lin Zhanfan shows the logo of the 2021 CTA 500 (Foshan)


It is worth mentioning that Lin Zhanfan, the lead designer of Liu Xins team, is a junior student in college. "Orange and yellow are used as the main colors to highlight the energy of tennis and signify the enthusiasm of Foshan people." Lin hopes that tennis fans from all over the world will get to know Foshan more through the logo.


The slogan "Love China, Love Tennis, Love Life", created by Chen Weiwei, won the competition out of more than 200 entries. Chen Weiwei worked in Shunde for a while and was impressed by Foshans food and the peoples love for sports. He said that although tennis is not very popular yet in China, there is still a group of people in Foshan who love it and he was moved by the lifestyle of these tennis enthusiasts.



All tennis courts at Century Lotus Sports Center to be renovated for the upcoming game


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