30 Shunde famous snacks have been selected! Come and vote!
Foshan China 2021-08-18 10:17

Shunde Double-layer Milk Custard, Stir-fried Milk, Jinbang Salted Milk Slices…


30 Shunde famous snacks have been selected!


Recently, “Shunde famous snacks selection” was launched. During the event, 36 Shunde catering enterprises selected 74 snacks to participate in the selection. After six days of evaluation and qualification review, "Shunde famous snacks" were announced a few days ago.


There are a wide variety of snacks, both traditional taste of snacks and trendy dishes.




Announcement of result 




All participating snacks will also be voted online to select five "most popular Shunde snacks". You are welcome to vote for your favorite Shunde snack.


Scan the QR code and vote for your favourite snacks!


Deadline: 2021.8.22


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