Huya starts operation in Nanhai Area of Sanlongwan
Foshan China 2021-08-18 11:22

On August 13th, Foshan branch of Huya Company officially moved into Sanshan Science and Technology Innovation Center in Nanhai Area of Sanlongwan, and more than 500 young talents entered the office. In the future, Huyas global research and development headquarter will be located here.


Huya to build global R&D headquarter in Sanlongwan


In November 2020, Huya successfully won a piece of land for commercial use in the core area of Wenhan Lake International Science and Technology Innovation Town, covering an area of about 29,333 square meters.

At present, major projects such as Industrial Interconnection headquarters of JOYY Inc, Headquarters of Hongwang Group and Quectel Wireless Solutions Co., Ltd. have settled around the plot. In the future,a cluster of enterprise headquarters will be built in this area.


As one of the leading live streaming esports platforms in China, Huya has been maintaining a high growth trend. In 2020, the annual revenue reached 10.91 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 30.3%. It has a large number of independent intellectual property rights in the core technologies of live streaming, such as live streaming big data, artificial intelligence and digital person.


Promote innovative development of digital economy


Huya Foshan company locates in the Wenhan Lake


In the next ten years, the Internet enterprises will bring no less than 230 billion yuan of operating revenue to Nanhai, and contribute more than 4.5 billion yuan of tax revenue. More than 50,000 high-tech and innovative talents and 60 high-quality sci-tech enterprises will gather in Nanhai area of Sanlongwan.


E-sports industry in Nanhai


In recent years, Nanhai has introduced high-level tournaments such as International College Cup, LPL Spring Season Finals and King Pro League National Finals, built a professional youth training base of League of Legends, and successfully introduced Foshan GK Club and other e-sports core enterprises.


Sanshan New City will build the largest e-sports industrial park in Guangdong Province; The project is expected to invest 2 billion yuan, introduce 50 e-sports culture-related firm, and build a kungfu e-sports cultural festival.


Design sketch of Nanhai E-sports Cultural and Creative Industry Center


The off-line KPL home court lands at Yingyue Cultural Center in Guicheng Street, Nanhai. It is expected to open in the spring of 2022. The only professional youth training base of Tencent game "League of Legends" in China is located in Nanhai.


In April 2019, the League of Legends professional League was held in Guangdong for the first time, attracting more than 100 million audience online and offline.


Nanhai government greatly supports the development of the e-sports industry, providing subsidies to the construction of e-sports industrial parks, enterprises entering e-sports parks, and the running of e-sports venues.