Overseas Chinese from Foshan can now have notarial service online
Foshan China 2021-08-20 17:00
Recently, the signing ceremony for "Foshan Remote Notarization Platform Framework Agreement" was held in Foshan, as witnessed by Foshan Municipal Bureau of Justice, Foshan City Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and Foshan Lingnan Notarial Office. Based on a three-party partnership signed on the spot, the platform marks the first of its kind in the city to facilitate remote notarization service, a benefit that has been long anticipated by overseas Chinese.
Developed by Foshan Lingnan Notarial Office, Remote Notarization Platform aims to simplify notarization process for Chinese citizens residing overseas, who used to be troubled by too much of a hassle travelling back to China. From now on, they only have to go through ID authentication, apply for notarial services and submit required materials. After a reviewing process, they are able to get all the work done via a video session with local notarial officials.
Cutting-edge technologies combined with great services
If materials submitted are all complete and have undergone reviewing, notarial officials will send a remote video link to applicants in advance; if not, they will contact applicants via WeChat for supplement. At the start of the remote video session, notarial officials will read the notarial affairs and confirm with applicants. If theres nothing wrong, applicants are required to sign to show their acknowledgement. 
Scan to use "Foshan Remote Notarization Platform"
The platform comes as a proof to authenticity and legality in remote notarization, for the fact that it perfectly combines latest technologies and close communication between applicants and notarial officials. Technically, it was designed with identification, face comparison, video recording, digital signature, and real-time remote video. Operationally, notarial officials secure a full cycle of contact before, during and after the notarization, to dispel all the possible risks.
Ms. Li: the platform came as a lifesaver to me
Currently as an overseas student in France, Ms. Li from Chancheng, Foshan, plans to entrust her mother to buy a commodity housing located in Nanhai District. Faced with a heavy load of school work and the ongoing pandemic, Ms. Li found it extremely difficult to come back home to China. As the date for housing payment draws closer, her mom and she have felt agitated and helpless. 
Official at Foshan Lingnan Notarial Office doing a remote notrial session with  Ms. Li
In a desperate attempt to find a solution, shes gone through many sources of information and found out that "Foshan Remote Notarization Platform" had just recently come into service. Much to her relief, she tapped her fingers on the WeChat APP and clicked in "remote application". Under the instruction of a notarial official, she finished the notarization of power of attorney. She said in emotions, "The platform came to me like a lifesaver. Its very convenient for overseas Chinese. Thank you for saving me from this big headache."
More promotional campaigns to be carried out soon
After "Foshan Remote Notarization Platform" mini-program was launched, more than 40 notarization services can be done, including house purchase entrustment and declarations not involving transfer or waiver of rights. Such zero contact service broke new grounds in Foshan, which showcases how the local governments are committed to facilitating the peoples lives. Up next, Foshan Municipal Bureau of Justice and Foshan Lingnan Notarial Office will arrange more promotional campaigns to let more overseas Chinese know about the new system and benefit their daily life through more quality government services.
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