Nanhai, runner-up on the list of top 100 districts!
Foshan China 2021-09-30 09:25


On September 28, the list of top 100 districts in China, which is evaluated from five quotas - comprehensive strength, green development, investment potential, technological innovation and the quality of new  urbanization, has been unveiled. Nanhai District in Foshan ranked 2nd, taking the lead in promoting high-quality development across China.  







Among the list of top 1000 towns in China in 2021, Shishan Town ranked 3rd, Lishui Town 12th, Dali Town 16th, Xiqiao Town 25th and Danzao Town 68th, mirroring the vibrant economy in Nanhai district. 






In recent years, Nanhai has witnessed a robust growth in its manufacturing as it has been clustered with 2,263 high-tech enterprises and over 40 high-end institutes, including Jihua Lab and Foshan Xianhu Laboratory. 




Besides, Nanhai has been a huge attraction to competitive companies, which can be told from the statistics. From January to August this year, 2 projects with the scale of ten billion yuan and 61 with over 100 million yuan have been introduced, with the total planned investment of 54.58 billion yuan. Among them, 10 with the scale of more than one billion yuan promise a total planned investment of 39.15 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 29.6%. 




To enable citizens to have a stronger sense of happiness, Nanhai now is doubling its effort in promoting education, medical care, elderly care, government services and public safety and seeing it as a long-term goal. 




Author | Ivy 


Revisor | Eleanor, Jessica 


Photo | Huang Shaofei