New landmarks of Greater Bay Area in Foshan
Foshan China 2021-08-18 09:48

In recent years, Foshan plans to launch new landmarks in the Greater Bay Area with Hong Kong, Macao, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities. Let’s have a look!


New Shopping Landmarks in Greater Bay Area 


Macao X Foshan 

Foshan-Macao City 


Photo: Foshan-Macao City


Landed in Wenhan Lake Area of Guicheng at the end of 2019, Foshan-Macao City is the first commercial block with a theme of Macao City in Southern China.


Photo: Foshan-Macao City


Building a beautiful town with Macao style and gathering a number of technological, innovative and cultural industries, the City will provide a good business environment for Macao entrepreneurs and operators and offer a new place for sightseeing, entertainment and businesses.


Photo: Foshan-Macao City 


The project is expected to conduct trial operation in July 2022 with orderly progress.


Shenzhen X Foshan 

Shunde OCT Harbour Plus 



Photo: Wang Qingwu

Shunde OCT Harbour Plus is located in the Chuangzhi City Area of Shunde.


Photo: OCT Harbour Plus


The project integrates commercial blocks, theme parks and ecological wetlands. Among them, the 99-meter high ferris wheel “Shunde Eye” is the most attractive one.


Photo: OCT Harbour Plus


Guangzhou X Foshan 

Florentia Village 



Florentia Village is located at the junction of Guangzhou and Foshan. It is the first high-end discount shopping center with Italian style in Southern China.


Photo: Song Zitan


The village also has the first "fantasy jungle" family amusement park in China covering about 3,000 square meters, so that tourists can enjoy the fun of games while shopping.


Photo: Song Zitan


Located in the core area of Sanlongwan Innovation Cluster, Florentia Village is surrounded by five business districts of Guangzhou and Foshan.


Landmarks integrating industry and urban life  


Shenzhen X Foshan 

Shenzhen Science & Industrial Park (Foshan) 


Construction work was rolled out for Shenzhen Science & Industrial Park (Foshan) recently.


As estimated, at least 150 leading enterprises and upstream/downstream enterprises, will be included in the project, which empowers Foshan with stronger technological capacity to upgrade its traditional industry and helps to strike a balance between city development and industrial growth.


Project renderings


Renderings of Tencent Industrial Internet GBA Base


Hongkong X Foshan 

Vanke Uni-city 


Located in the Nanhai Area of Sanlongwan Innovation Cluster, Vanke Uni-city is the first one in Guangzhou and Foshan, which will draw on Hong Kong’s TOD development mode (public transport-oriented) and introduce HK high-end service industry and talents.


Rendering Photo: Vanke Foshan


In terms of transportation, Vanke Uni-city has densely planned rail transit around it, making it the most convenient area between Guangzhou and Foshan.


Photo: Vanke Foshan


Greater Bay Area X Foshan 

Foshan Shunde Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Cooperative Development Zone 


The zone which includes Shunde Port and Jun’an Group is to strengthen transportation connection to central cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao.




Sketch map


Renderings of Desheng Sports Center


It can be predicted that Foshan will develop rapidly under the drive of the four major central cities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, which aims to be a world-calss urban agglomeration.


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