Cristina: bringing best wishes for 2023 in the birthplace of Foshan 
Foshan China 2023-01-10 22:08

Many people may have the same question when they first arrive Foshan - why the city is called Foshan? And where is the “Buddha”? As the Chinese New Year is approaching, Cristina from Spain travelled to the legendary place Tapo in Chancheng District, a birthplace of Foshan with a thousand years of history.

In the iconic Tapo, Cristina explained the origin of the name “Foshan”, joined the local residents in washing Tapo well water that implies happiness and good luck, and learned Kung-Fu with the master in the century-old Hongsheng Hall. Cristina said, she came to Foshan from Spain to start her own business 5 years ago, and fortunately they got the help from the government, business associations and friends, who are just like the heroes in the Kungfu films.

What are other stories unlocked in this journey? What are Cristina’s blessings and wishes for 2023? Click in the video and find out!

Author | Eleanor

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