Exclusive Foshan Delicacy that has been popular for over 300 years

Foshan Bundled Trotter is one traditional delicacy that has been prevailed since the Qing Dynasty.

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Dance Drama 'Loong' Showcases Lingnan Dragon Boat Culture

On June 16, dance drama 'Loong' (also known as 'Dragon Boat') was staged at the Guangzhou Friendship Theatre.

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Daily Challenge for a Dragon Boat Rower

Experience a day of "extreme challenges" for a Diejiao dragon boat rowerin Foshan!

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Laowai Wonder Why丨Experience Unique Dragon Boat Races in Foshan

Experience the Dragon Boat Festival in Foshan like never before!

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Nanhai Danzao Dragon Boat League to Kick off on June 9

On June 9, Nanhai Danzao Dragon Boat League, including five-people dragon boat race will kick off.

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Dragon Boat Challenge丨Thrilling Night Training Sessions in Foshan Diejiao

As the Dragon Boat Festival approaches, the Diejiao community in Foshan is abuzz with activities.

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Unlock Multiple Ways to Enjoy Lingnan Fruit | Laowai Wonder Why

What funny things have happened when Vini and Kristina have Lingnan fruits?

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What exactly is Foshan "Broadway Show"? | Laowai Wonder Why

Check out the new episode and enjoy a marvelous competition between Cantonese Opera and Broadway show.

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What's the secret to Foshan's manufacturing going global? | Laowai Wonder Why

​When it comes to the secret of Foshan's manufacturing going global, what's the essence of it?

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AI Foshan: A New Perspective on Lingnan

Use 30 seconds to enjoy the journey of AI Foshan.

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Exploring Foshan: Unleashing Adventure in Five Districts this May Day Holiday

Come and discover the magic of Foshan – where every moment is a new discovery.

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Unveiling the Secret Behind Foshan's Name - Is it Truly 'Buddha Mountain'?

Unlock the Mystery of Foshan's Name with 'Laowai Wonder Why'!

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Popular product, Foshan Made | First Cordless Pool Cleaner with Ultrasonic Technology

From April 15 to 19, the first phase of the 135th Canton Fair is infull wing.

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Enjoy the Cultural Feast! 2024 Foshan Ancestral Temple Fair Kicks Off

Foshan Temple fair kicks off today!

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Numerous Ways for Foshan People to Turn Waste into Treasure | Laowai Wonder Why

How adept are Foshan locals at turning waste into treasure?

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