Come to enjoy amazing homestays and campsites in Foshan
Foshan China 2022-12-30 23:22

In recent years, under the Support Measures for the Development of Tourism in Foshan, homestays in Foshan have been upgraded. Many featured and popular ones bring a lot surprise to people. Now as the Art Field Nanhai Guangdong is ongoing, many distinctive homestays and campsites in Xiqiao Town have attracted the attention of tourists from home and abroad.

The homestay near the ancient crater is located at the Xiqiao mountain art zone. Living in a cottage in the woods, you can not only see the holes left by the volcano eruption, but also experience the large swimming pool and appreciate the quite Dongtianhu Lake.

If you want to have fun besides appreciating art, the campsite at Huanggang village art zone can satisfy your needs. Built next to the tea mountain and forest and the 329-acre silver lake, the campsite stands by the national 4A tourist attraction——Nanhai Bay Forest Ecological Park.

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