Destiny: Fall in LOVE in Sanshui where GBA originated丨My Foshan Story ⑦
Foshan China 2022-12-26 10:23

This year, Foshan Media Group and Foshan News Network launched a special series of micro stories. Based on 10 real cases of Foshan focusing on high-quality development, reform and opening up, rural revitalization, innovation and entrepreneurship etc, the stories have witnessed a revolution for Foshan's new development philosophy.

The seventh episode, Destiny, tells a love story that happened in Sanshui, known as the origin of the Greater Bay Area.

To pursuit her dream in lacquer painting, Jingjin, a young lacquer artist, has given up her urban life and grounded in an ancient town of Foshan. After three-year efforts, she was about to have her first exhibition.

One day, while Jingjing was preparing for the exhibition, his colleague Hui brought a professional curator to assist her. To her surprise, the curator was her school mate Liang.

This encounter has brought memories to her mind. It reminds her the great time working with Liang. What would happen between them? Why Jingjing gave up on better chance to ground in Foshan? The day before the exhibition, what secret did Liang tell Jingjing?

This new episode was filmed in Baini Town, known as a Cultural and Creative Ancient Town of Foshan. Based on local carrier resources such as historical villages and the ecological environment of the West River, the young creative team actively introduced lacquer art cultureand empowered rural revitalization with "lacquer art + cultural creativity". The team also invited young artists from the country to share their inner stories.

As the starting point of the Pearl River Delta Plain, Sanshui District enjoys magnificent beauty of the confluence of the West River, North River and Sui River and retains the poetry of Lingnan water town culture. Being one of the first city-level characteristic towns in Foshan, this Cultural and Creative Ancient Town of Sanshui is located in such a beautiful land renowned for "The Origin of the Greater Bay Area".

In recent years, Baini Town has actively explored the path of transforming green mountains into valuable assets and enhanced the mutual promotion of "beautiful environment" and "great economy". The 8000-year lacquer art culture is also one of the industrial engines, fueling the development of the whole lacquer art industry chain and the construction of Baixi National Lacquer Workshop with multiple functionalities like lacquer art design and production, education and training, creative display and communication, etc. It has attracted a group of graduates from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and other major cities to settle in. This featured pattern not only developed a “Art+Culture+Industry” path, but also triggered romance between youth from the Greater Bay Area.


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