Color: let culture shine | My Foshan Story ⑥
Foshan China 2022-12-20 22:14

This year, Foshan Media Group and Foshan News Network launched a special series of micro stories. Based on 10 real cases of Foshan focusing on high-quality development, reform and opening up, rural revitalization, innovation and entrepreneurship etc, the stories have witnessed a revolution for Foshan's new development philosophy.

The sixth episode, Color, is about the conception conflict of the intangible cultural heritage Xiangyun Silk, between a father and son.

The story is based on the manufacturing industry of Xiangyun Silk. As the only silk fabric in the world that is dyed with plants, Xiangyun Silk, one of the Foshan special products, is known as the "soft gold" in textile industry.

Mr. Liang Zhu, an inheritor of Xiangyun Silk, is the prototype of the character. His journey with Xiangyun Silk started from a 14-year-old trainee, which has been over 70 years until now. He believes that Xiangyun Silk is not only our traditionbut also a proud industry.

Author | Eddie

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