Soup? A cure-all for Foshan people? | Laowai Wonder Why①
Foshan China 2022-04-11 09:25


佛山新闻网全新栏目Laowai Wonder Why,特邀盏鬼哥哥Ruben和盏鬼妹妹Lisa,来畅聊老外眼中在佛山好玩又有趣的事情,从新颖角度展现一个不一样的盏鬼佛山!

Laowai Wonder Why第一集聚焦佛山的煲汤文化。在这个春暖花开的季节,在佛山的大街小巷随处可见,火红怒放的木棉花。上至80岁老人家,下至3岁小孩子,都在使出浑身解数“花式”捡木棉花。看到佛山人一日三餐汤不离口,老外会有什么样的感受呢?如果天天都要煲靓汤,老外又接受得了吗?快来看盏鬼兄妹Ruben和Lisa的盏鬼演绎吧!

Tucked away inside the thriving Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Foshan, topping 1 trillion yuan in GDP, has become one of the ideal destinations for people from all around the world. Despite differences in color and language, they travel here for study, living, and bussiness.


For foreigners in Foshan, they could have been some funny stories in life, coming from different cultural upbringings.


To share these experiences and insights, Laowai Wonder Why, on @foshanstyle, invites two foreign guests living in Foshan, Ruben from America and Lisa from Russia, who will share all the fresh and fun stuffs they see in Foshan.


Episode 1

Soup? A cure-all for Foshan people?



Rumor has it that Foshan people are obsessed about making and drinking soup, exactly like people drink coffee in the West.


Literally everything can be picked up as ingredients in a soup pot. Is it really that magical for peoples health? Lets hear it out from Ruben and Lisa.


Video produced by @foshanstyle