A new tram! Nanhai Tram Line 1 will start operation
Foshan China 2021-08-17 17:58

At 12:00 on August 18 (tomorrow), the first section of Nanhai Tram Line 1 will officially come into its initial operation.

Photo by Deng Jinhao


Nanhai Tram Line 1 is about 14.3km, with a total of 15 stations. As a modern rail electric bus organized by three modules, it can accommodate a maximum capacity of 396 people. With four modules in the future, the capacity can raise to 524 people.

Photo by Zhao Haishan

Leigang Station to Sanshan New City North Station will be open in the first section.

Wenhan Park Station to Linyue East Station is not open yet


Stops of the first section


There are totally 10 stations, including Leigang Station, Huacui Road Station, Xiaxi Station, Xiadong Station, Kangyi Park Station, Pingxi Station, Pingnan Station, Jade Street Station, Zhongqu Station, and Sanshan New City North Station.


Specific operation schedule:


12:00-22:00 on August 18 (first day of opening)


6:30-22:00 (after August 18)


At the beginning of the opening, the departure interval is 8 minutes.

(Specific time is subject to latest station information)




Based on the mileage segment, the price of Nanhai Tram is consistent with the basic ticket price of Guangzhou-Foshan Metro network. The starting price is 2 RMB within 4 km; 1 RMB will be added per 4 km within 4 to 12 km; 1 RMB will be added per 6 km within 12 to 24 km; 1 RMB will be added per 8 km when it exceeds 24km.


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