These public venues in Foshan temporarily closed due to COVID-19
Foshan China 2021-08-09 18:13

At present, the global epidemic situation is still severe and complicated, and several regions in China have reported local cases caused by imported COVID-19 cases. In order to strictly implement the prevention and control strategy and effectively ensure the safety and health of Foshan people, the following measures were taken from August 6:

1. Singing and dancing entertainment venues (KTV), mini karaoke booths, Internet service venues, chess and card rooms, and mahjong parlors are temporarily closed.

2. Limit the number of visitors in scenic spots, cinemas, libraries, art galleries, museums, etc. to avoid gathering.

3. Strictly control the holding of various large-scale gathering activities, reduce the number and scale of various activities, strictly control the instantaneous flow, and maintain a safe distance throughout the whole process.

The above prevention and control measures are dynamically adjusted according to the risk assessment results of the epidemic.


Author | Eleanor
Revisor | Jessica

Source | Foshan COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters