Experience "German style" by the greenways of Sanlongwan
Foshan China 2021-08-09 10:40

Foshan Garden in Ingolstadt, Germany (via Schalles)

 Sino-German Friendship Park


Recently, more achievements have been bred jointly by China and Germany as Sino-German Friendship Park was built in Sanlongwan Innovation Cluster in Shunde District, Foshan and Foshan Garden in Ingolstadt, a German city was opened.


They all testified that Sanlongwan is becoming more and more open to the world. As Sanlongwan has been seeking deep cooperation with businesses in Germany and even in Europe, it has made huge progress in urban planning, building and development with globally-advanced ideas.


Parks serve as a symbol of friendship between Foshan and Germany


Sino-German Friendship Park along the Dongping River has become a favorite attraction for residents and visitors to enjoy leisure.


This park is a replica of Lahr, a German city. With various attractions such as a residential forest, teenager traffic training playground and bird’s nest viewing platforms, it is a demonstration of German horticulture.


Reportedly, Sino-German Friendship Park is planned to be built as a traffic safety publicity and education base and bring more fun experiences of transportation to visitors. Besides, Lecong Town will establish a meteorological science park with Foshan Meteorological Administration, in which with various advanced equipment, visitors will be able to learn knowledge while enjoying nature.


Actually, it is not the first time that Foshan had communication on horticulture with Germany.


Several months ago, Bavarian Horticultural Exposition kicked off in Ingolstadt, the international sister city of Foshan City.


Covering 354 square meters, Foshan Garden is an irregular quadrangle with lots of Foshan elements, whose design embodies four prominent features of this thousand-year-old city -- openness, perseverance, inheritance and development.


Shared by Michael Klarner, spokesman of Ingolstadt, visitors were impressive by the design of Foshan Garden and believed that it was a must-go attraction.


The first project that facilitated by Foshan and Lahr government


Sino-German Friendship Park is not only a symbol friendship between these two cities, but the first project that is promoted by two local governments. The idea of building such a park derived from an activity hosted by Sino-German Industrial City Alliance.


In 2018 when Dr. Wolfgang G Müller, the mayor of Lahr at that time, came up with an idea of building a garden full of Lahr’s characteristics in Foshan after attending a meeting in Sanlongwan.


With the joint effort of the two local governments, the goal was finally achieved on July 2019.


Foshan Garden is another fruit that demonstrates the close relationship of the two cities.


During the designing and building of the park, Foshan kept in touch with Ingolstadt. To show the real Chinese architectures to German visitors, Foshan sent Mook Yan Jong (also called wooden dummy, a classical Wing Chun training device), plaques and other materials to Ingolstadt.


An international Sanlongwan is rising


To build a development platform open to the world, Sanlongwan will establish a closer tie with other cities through investment promotion meetings and Sino-European cultural festival.


Wu Xinkun, a globally-renowned sculptor, has been invited to be an art consultant, responsible for the city view of Sanlongwan. With his professional opinions and international art resources, the urban planning and construction in Sanlongwan are sure to be promoted.


What’s more, the business environment that connects to the world is an attraction for corporations from different countries to land in Sanlongwan. In the future, Sanlongwan will explore more possibilities to cooperate with German and European businesses. To this end, supporting measures will be introduced to invite more high-quality projects to settle here.


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