Ignite your athletic spirit on National Fitness Day in Foshan
Foshan China 2021-08-08 15:43

From badminton player Chen Qingchen to rower Zheng Pengfei at Tokyo Olympics 2020, we are probably still impressed by how Foshan athletes broke world records. Obviously, Foshan is a city that champions athletic spirit. Today, we celebrate the 13th National Fitness Day, an important event to get every citizen involved in sports. Today, lets take a look at some of the most popular gymnasiums in five districts of Foshan.


Lingnan Pearl Stadium 



Situated in Chancheng District, Lingnan Pearl Stadium is well-known for its pearl-like appearance. This gymnasium, covering an area of 223,000 square meters, is capable of accommodating up to 6,000 audiences and equipped with 8 standard-sized basketball courts, a square for residents nearby to work out, a 600-meter-long outdoor corridor for exercise and other training halls. It is worth mentioning that the sports center stands at the heart of resident quarter, so people nearby are able to go there to take exercise frequently.



Nanhai National Fitness Sports Park 


Situated nearby Guijiang Overpass in Nanhai District, Nanhai National Fitness Sports Park is surrounded by several large residential communities, schools, and shopping malls. As the largest sports theme park in Foshan, it offers residents quick access to tons of updated facilities in a space that integrates sports, fitness and leisure.

With a total area of around 4,300 square meters, the park includes an intelligent football field, a landmark sports area, a family-oriented sports area/amusement park, a children activity area and a fitness "corridor".


SONA is the most wanted spot in the park, a game that combines running and jumping to inspire childrens creativity and critical thinking. Supported by an intelligent sensing system, the facility allows children to join various game modes by following voice instructions.


The park also incorpates a comprehensive training area that helps improve peoples balance, sensitivity, and physical strengthens. Visually, the "giant shark" and "pirate ship" fuse perfectly together, making up an oceanic world where children and parents seek pleasure and emotional attachment.



Shunde Sports Center


Located in Daliang Town, Shunde Sports Center covers a construction area of 46,168 square meters. With a total investment of more than 60 million yuan, the venue brings together multiple gymnasiums, training halls, shooting halls, tennis courts and playgrounds.



If you are passionate about sports, it might be the best choice for your to level up your stamina with any sports you can imagine - basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, handball, weightlifting, gymnastics, and even martial arts.




Gaoming Cang Jiang Water Sports Base 


Gaoming Cang Jiang Water Sports Base has been under construction since last May and is planned to be completed in three years. The location offers a pier, dressing rooms, bathrooms, dragon boat equipment exhibitions and rest rooms.


Gaoming Cang Jiang Water Sports Base integrates dragon boat race, expansion training, ecological amusement and leisure sports. In August, a dragon boat race among villages will be held in Gaoming Cang Jiang Water Sports Base.



Football Field at Sanshui Beijiang Sports Leisure Park 


The Football Field of Beijiang Sports Leisure Park will be completed in November. Five 11-person football fields and two 5-person beach football fields will be built according to the international standard.

When the project is delivered, two newly-built artificial football fields (equipped with lighting at night) will be open to the public for free during the day and charge at night.



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