New anti-virus regulations on transportations and venues in FS
Foshan China 2021-08-05 09:29

Beware these new regulations on transportations  


Since August 4th, temperature check is required again on buses; and passengers are required to show their "green codes" when entering metro.


In order to strengthen the prevention and control over public transportations during the epidemic, Foshan will take the following measures since August 4th:


  1. For passengers taking a bus/coach/shuttle bus, they must wear masks, show green Yuekang codes and get their temperature checked.


  2. For passengers taking the metro, they must wear masks, show green Yuekang codes and get their temperature checked.


  3. For passengers taking taxi and online car-hailing services at Foshan Airport, Foshan Railway Station, Foshan West Railway Station, Sanshui South Railway Station and other transportation hubs, they must wear masks and show green Yuekang codes to the drivers.


  4. In order to facilitate tracing any possible COVID-19 cases, citizens are encouraged to use online payment such as WeChat, Alipay and UnionPay, or they can connect Guangfo Card to phone numbers. For those who have not finished the connection or use cash/discount vouchers,  please scan the exclusive QR code in the bus to register.


  5. As Foshan Department of Transportation reminds us, citizens must be aware of personal protection when out in the public and cooperate with staff while doing epidemic prevention and inspection work. Those with red and yellow codes are not allowed to take public transportations. Regulations on public transportation will be adjusted according to the real-time situation. Please keep yourselves updated on the latest news.


Stricter policies on tourism and sports venue 


On August 2nd, Foshan Department of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports issued an emergency notice requiring stricter prevention and control over cultural, tourism and sports venues. Venues including tourist attractions, tourist resorts, star-rated hotels and sports venues are urged to follow normalized prevention and control measures. On August 3rd, Xiqiao Mountain Scenic Area postponed lion-dancing martial arts performances; Nanfeng Ancient Kiln postponed lion-dancing and pottery-making performances; the CCTV Nanhai Movie and TV Town suspended all shows and performances; Ancestral Temple suspended Wong Fei-hung lion-dance performances and Wanfutai Cantonese opera performances from today on.


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Source | 佛山交通, 佛山市文广旅体局