Health code checking required for entering Guangzhou Baiyun Airport 2021-08-03 10:50
Starting from August 2, every individual entering Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport terminals must have their health code inspected at the entrance by providing valid ID (including ID card, passport, etc.), and their temperature measured as well.

(Photo by Baiyun Airport)
Baiyun airport has recently set up anti-pandemic checkpoints at all entrances of the terminals. Passengers with Chinese ID card are eligible to go through automated channel with a wipe on the machine. While others passengers can opt for human inspection with a passport or "permit for commuting between the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong and Macao".
Nucleic acid test services prolonged for another 4 hours
Since August 1, Baiyun airport has also altered the nucleic acid test operation hours from 7 am - 10 pm to 7 am - 2 am (+1). The test report will come out in 8-12 hours.
During the test, passengers are required to wear masks and keep at least one-meter distance with others. If there is a fever, passengers should go directly to fever clinics instead of taking the test. Also, if vaccinated on the same day, passengers may well choose another for the test.
Test location: Top floor of P3 car park, Terminal 1
Operation hours: 7 am - 2 am