Foshan athlete crowned with her first silver medal at Olympics
Foshan China 2021-08-02 15:45

Poster by Liu Chuyi, Foshan News Network


In the highly anticipated Womens Doubles Final that took place at BJS 12:50 today, player Chen Qingchen from Foshan and her partner Jia Yifan took home a silver medal, who lost 0-2 to the Indonesian duo Polly/Rahayu.



Photo: Peoples Daily


The medal is counted as the third silver won by Foshan athletes in this Olympic Games, adding up to 15 silver medals and 53 medals for China.


It marks a historic win for the duo and Chinese national badminton team, as it is the first time in their career to compete at the Olympics. With a vision in her very eyes, Chen would continue to write glorious history for her beloved city and nation.