Another river-crossing passage to connect Guangzhou and Foshan
Foshan China 2021-07-13 14:19

On July 10th, Yulan Road-Gangkou Road River-Crossing Passage Project (Guangzhou Section) (hereinafter referred to as "the Project") has seen fundamental progress as the local government started to solicit public opinions for its detailed planning.



As a key link between Guanggang New Town in Guangzhou and Sanshan New Town in Foshan, the project serves as an important support for Guangzhou-Foshan Pilot Zone for High-quality Integrated Development.


When completed, there will be the very first traffic link for the two major emerging development areas in the two cities. It will only take about 5 minutes to travel from Guanggang New Town to Gangkou Road, Sanshan New Town.


North to South: Yinsha Road - Dongping Waterway - Gangkou Road 


Located in Liwan District Guangzhou, the Project includes three main linkages of Yinsha Road, Dongping Waterway and Ganggang Road.


Modern design: an arterial road with 6-8 two-way lanes 




As included in General Plan for the Construction of Guangzhou-Foshan Pilot Zone for High-quality Integrated Development, the two cities will work together to build "1 leading zone + 2 key sections". "1 leading zone" refers to a pilot area that consists of Guangzhou South Railway Station-Foshan Sanlongwan-Guangzhou Liwan Hailong. But to this date, there is still no direct free-of-charge traffic link between Guanggang New Town and Sanshan New Town, two major emerging development areas in Guangzhou-Foshan Area.


A journey from the two areas involves a pass-through in Huadi Avenue South and Sanshan Avenue before turning into Foshan at Gangkou Road, a total mileage of 11 kilometers that approximately consumes 25 minutes on the road.


As designed, the Project will be built as an arterial road with 6-8 two-way lanes and a 50-meter boundary line of roads. Vehicles run at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour are allowed on the passage. The crossing section will be built with a two-way 6-lane road as its mainline and a two-way 4-lane overpass as its auxiliary track.


The cross-river section has adopted an underwater pipeline as a tunnel with two-way six lanes. The project is about 3.7 kilometers in length, with 1960 meters being the tunnel section (440-meter-long underwater pipeline).


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