Nanhai government cooperates with PIESAT on the area of satellite
Foshan China 2021-07-09 18:09

On July 8th, Nanhai Peoples Government of Foshan signed with PIESAT International Information Technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as PIESAT) to promote cooperation on the area of satellite application. With an estimated investment of 500 million yuan, it registered a wholly-owned subsidiary in Nanhai District as its headquarter in South China. Its advance technologies, such as high-resolution satellite remote sensing and UAV photography, are expected to promote the modernization of local governance system and capacity.



By virtue of the flagship products of PIESAT and the patrol of government staff, the public order can be strictly secured through 24-hour and real-time spatial information as well as inspection on ground.


Nanhai is home to 3.67 million residents, many of which are migrant population. Grassroots social governance, therefore, has been facing a great challenge. It is far from effective to maintain the social order solely by staff members. In this case, modern information technology is badly needed.


Furthermore, these technologies can be?widely applied in multiple industries and fields such as meteorology, water conservancy, agriculture, disaster reduction, environmental protection and so on. In this process, the modern industrial system will be established to promote the high-quality development in Nanhai District.


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