Paddy fields in Foshan for a weekend getaway
Foshan China 2021-07-09 18:06

After solar term of Slight Heat, crops in Foshan have started to thrive. Large patches of rice exude a great deal of vitality under the blue sky. To feel such magical energy this summer, you might consider a trip to Dazhou Village, Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan, where you will win a chance of a close contact with nature you rarely get in urban life.


A large coverage of green paddy fields tucks away in the bustling city of Guangzhou and Foshan.




Inside the hinterland of Lishui River, there is a gorgeous green field that covers an area of 6,666 square meters. When hot summer arrives, cruising breeze pushes ahead "a green ripple" on the paddy fields.




Walk somewhere in between the field, and you can tell the air is heavy with the aroma of the paddy fields. All eyes of green, you might easily have a better mood.


As living a fast-paced life wears people out these days, they are eager more than ever to find an escape towards a rural life.




Step in the country land and get close to nature, enjoy some leisurely and relaxing moments under the clear blue sky...... Those have become what people would ask for a getaway. 


In Dazhou Village, Lishui, local villagers have realized that city people are deeply attracted by the natural beauty here.. In light of that, they decided to design a "back-to-rural" tourism experience, allowing more city dwellers to capture a feel of humanism out in nature.




One of the selling points of the trip is 120-meter trail that was built in the middle of the green fields. A stroll along the trail would make possible a closer contact with unfiltered nature.




Another spot to spice up the trip is the watchtower, from which tourists gain new perspectives on wilderness as highlighted with a burst of lively colors.




As rarely it might be seen in the city, the green field in Lishui has become a magnet for adventurers in Foshan, who desperately want a burden-free weekend. 




A weekend family trip in the rural means a lot in various ways, fostering stronger family bonds, most notably, and creating a precious childhood memories exclusively in beautiful nature that shapes their lives in a long run. 




What are you waiting for? Lets just invite a few close friends and families, and discover the secret to energetic summer this weekend in Lishui Town, Foshan.


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