OUTDOCS 2021 to be held in Nanhai at the end of October
Foshan China 2021-07-09 14:06



On July 4th, 2021 China International Outdoor Video Carnival (OUTDOCS) landed on ISPO Shanghai 2021 Asia (Summer) Sports Goods and Fashion Exhibition, sending out friendly invitations to outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world, so as to gather up the most exciting, spectacular and adventurous outdoor moments captured this year.




Meanwhile, the committee announced that the OUTDOCS 2021 will be held in Guicheng, Nanhai at the end of October. Then, there will be an exciting outdoor sports celebration. Coming through audio and video, the event will inspire more people with an athletic spirit.


Liu Xueying, delegate from Organizing Committee of OUTDOCS, introduced at the press conference, "Since we cant travel long for a hiking due to the pandemic, lets just have an outdoor carnival in our own city, our own community here in Guicheng, Nanhai." Reportedly, as early as 2020, Guicheng has formed partnership with OUTDOCS, and Qiandenghu Lake Park, the central axis of the Nanhai District, has also become one of the most important venues for the events.



  Qiandenghu Lake Park

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