Refreshing landscape along Dongping River caused new sensation in Sanlongwan
Foshan China 2021-07-06 13:05
The Landscape Upgrading Project along the Dongping River (Shunde Section) has been wrapped up recently where Shayaowei Country Park, Ganwu Park, a park themed on Three-Character Classic and Ou Shizi Memorial have all taken a new look, marking a more flavorable living environment in Shunde, an essential part to Foshan Sanlongwan High-end Innovation Cluster (hereinafter referred to as "Sanlongwan").
South bank of Dongping River:
Sauntering in wetland park & appreciating the German-style building
Sitting on the south bank of Dongping River in the north of Lecong Town are Ganwu Park and an amazing coverage of greenery in Xiaobu Village. Ganwu Park has now been transformed into a theme park where you can find German elements in such scenic spots as Black Forest Log Cabin, Bird’s Nest Viewing Platform and Peace Square. Besides, visitors can also visit the Meteorological Park co-founded by Ganwu Park and Foshan Meteorological Bureau. 
As a magical space where the East meets the West, the park is inclusive of both traditional Chinese architectural styles and most exotic experience. 
While Shayaowei Country Park preserves most of the original facilities, you might expect the addition of sidewalks and stone steps that connect scenic spots as well as plants to increase visual interest. You are welcomed to enjoy a sightseeing in this urban wetland park.
East bank of Dongping River:
a historical hall of traditional culture
Located in the hometown of Ou Shizi, author of Three-Character Classic, the park themed on Three-Character Classic and Ou Shizi Memorial has been assigned a key mission to promote traditional culture.
Impressively, varieties of shrubs, trees, ground covers and aquatic plants have work well together to bring vigor and vitality to this park. In addition, with sidewalks, pavilions, stone benches and boards as an introduction to the park, it is more accessible for visitors to unforgettable tour.
As the renovation project moves on, the east and south banks of Dongping River have taken on a bright, new look, which has potential to be an iconic landscape and an international image that well represents Sanlongwan.
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