To try out fresh seafood during fishing season in Foshan
Foshan China 2021-07-06 09:36

 July 1st marked the first day of fishing season in 2021, Jiujiang Town of Foshan. On the vast surface of West River, one of the mainstreams of Pearl River, tons of fishing boats lined up when fishing nets were thrown down across hundreds of meters. Local fishermen were more than excited to bring home the very first taste of "fresh seafood" from West River.



At 6:30 a.m. July 2nd, around 80 fishing boats were gathered up at Lubao Watergate, North River Dike/Embankment, another mainstream of Pearl River, which would soon be their first sail after seasonal fishing ban was executed on Pearl River.




In July, schedules for fishermen in Foshan usually becomes extremely hectic. Consumers will have the chance to try out a vast array of fresh seafood.




Though prawns are small in size, they have thin shells and taste fresh, sweet and crispy.



Prawns will taste surprisingly good if served with soy sauce.



Crab is another good seafood you might consider, with its sweet and refreshing meat and semi-liquid roe. Take one bite, and you will feel such unique taste lingering on your tongue.



Simmered crab is a magical dish with inviting smell that you can hardly resist.



While prawns and crabs are still "jumping" in the basket, yellow sand clams are "lying" still.



Yellow sand clams are tiny in size but full of flesh.


In addition to shrimps, crabs and shellfish, there are also various kinds of tasty fish.




Every type of seafood fished from West River is juicy, chewy and fresh.




It is fair to say that Foshan is a paradise of seafood where delicacies can be found in Jiujiang Town, Shishan Town and Lubao Town.


As we approach early July, dont forget the highly anticipated Seafood Culture Festival to be inaugurated the first time in Sanshui District.



There are more places in Foshan youll get a taste of fresh seafood. Click in "阅读原文" to know more information.


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