Foshan sees resumption of public transportation in July
Foshan China 2021-07-06 09:18
Foshan Airport to be reopened with multiple domestic flights
Based on the latest prevention and control measures against COVID-19, Foshan Airport will be reopened on July 6th, 2021. On July 6th, flights to Daxing and Shangrao will be available; on July 7th, flights to Wudang Mountains, Shijiazhuang, and Wenzhou will be available; on July 8th, flights to major cities like Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Tongren, Wuhu, Xiangyang and Shanghai will all be available. It is recommended that passengers pay attention to the latest airline announcements. 
Since July 3rd, 2021, passengers travelling out from Foshan are no longer required to be tested negative for nucleic acid in 48 hours, and only green "Yuekang Codes" and a temperature test are required.
Over 10 routes to be rescheduled at Foshan West Railway Station 
From July 3rd, 3 round trip tickets were on sales, including C6952 (Zhanjiang West-Foshan West), C6970 (Zhanjiang West-Foshan West).
C7214 (Maoming-Foshan West), C6833 (Shenzhen Airport-Zhaoqing), C6838 (Zhaoqing-Shenzhen Airport), and D2363 (Nanning East-Guangzhou South).
Here are more additions on coming dates.
July 4th: D2804 and D2879 (Guangzhou South-Guiyang North), D7569 (Yunan-Guangzhou), D1860 (Guangzhou-Deyang), D1764 (Guangzhou South-Chengdu East), D2845 and D2846 (Liupanshui-Guangzhou South), and D1868 (Guangzhou South to Chongqing West).
July 5th: D1871 (Chongqing West-Guangzhou South), D1763 (Chengdu East-Guangzhou South), D1864 (Guangzhou South-Chongqing West), D1859 (Deyang-Guangzhou), D7570 (Guangzhou-Yunan,and D2837 (Guiyang North-Guangzhou South), D2880 (Guangzhou-Guiyang North).
July 6th: D3602 and D3618  (Guangzhou South-Nanning East), D3623 and D3643 (Nanning East-Guangzhou South), D2962 (Guangzhou South-Guilin North), and D2979 (Guilin North-Guangzhou South).
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More than 30 Guangzhou-Foshan inter-city bus routes back in usual operation 
Based on the latest prevention and control measures against COVID-19, from July 4th, more than 30 Guangzhou-Foshan intercity bus routes have been adjusted to normal.
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