Sanlongwan strives to build a premium business environment
Foshan China 2021-07-01 09:22

On June 28, an opening ceremony of major projects of Guangdong in the second quarter of 2021 kicked off, and Foshan, as one of the branch venues, held the ceremony in Sanlongwan Innovation Cluster.



  Midea KUKA intelligent manufacturing industrial base

For the past few years, Sanlongwan has given priority to such modern and innovative service industries as intelligent manufacturing, digital economy, biomedicine and industrial convention. As such, a group of promising programs have been introduced to give momentum to a manufacturing innovative center that faces the global market.


It is worth mentioning that Sanglongwan was awarded as one of top 10 most valuable park for investment in China in 2020 on the First Global City Investment Promotion Meeting and Chinese City Investment Attraction Index Conference 2020 hosted by Global Times.


Sanlongwan Innovation Cluster Development Planning (2020-2035) reveals that Sanlongwan is putting high-quality development first and is striving for top-notch business environment.



  sketch photo of Philips Water Health intelligent home appliances manufacturing base

Full support to all projects

From the very beginning, Sanglongwan has put high agenda on projects. So far, 29 industrial projects have been signed with a total planned investment of 44.944 billion yuan. In the first five months of this year, 8 have added with a total planned investment of 17.504 billion yuan. 21 are in the course of negotiation with a total planned investment of 29.69 billion yuan.


Robot industry is thriving in Sanlongwan. Statistically, Sanlongwan is home to 56 related upstream and downstream enterprises/institutions and 3000 or more issued patents. Its output value reached 4.33 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 9% in 2020. Among others, the output of robot industry was about 2.7 billion yuan, accounting for about 6% of the domestic market. It is estimated that by 2025, the production value of robot related upstream and downstream enterprises/institutions will exceed 20 billion yuan.


Sanlongwan gives full support to all the projects by carving out an innovative development road of “world technology + independent manufacturing in Foshan + global market” for seizing the highland of globally-advanced manufacturing.


Digital economy empowers development

Sanlongwan is focusing on digital economy. On the list of top 100 cities of digital economy released on 2020, Foshan ranked 20th on the national list and third on provincial list. As a powerhouse for sci-tech innovation development in Foshan, Sanlongwan has attracted many digital economy giants to settle here, including JOYY, Foxconn Industrial Internet and Huya.



Though according to incomplete statistics, the output of related companies in Sanlongwan reached more than 66 billion yuan in 2020, it is still lagging behind some cities, like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Hangzhou. To this end, policies will be offered to boost digital economy. 



Reportedly, the policies will pay attention to the integration and application of new generation of information technology of integrated circuit, 5G, Mobile Internet, Internet of Things, AI, big data, cloud computing and blockchain as a way of breeding a group of leading enterprises that have strong market influence.



Effective measures to build a top-notch business environment


As the competition for attracting investment is getting increasingly fierce, Sanlongwan is seeking a way to optimize promotion process and stress its role in leading the equipment manufacturing in west coast of the Pearl River Delta.



Meanwhile, it has improved its attraction of industrial land to premium resources by giving subsidy and land.



Based on its sound relation with Germany companies, Sanlongwan has attracted a group of  research - oriented industrial service agencies to land here and to build up a close cooperative  relationship with local manufacturing.



In the next step, Sanlongwan aims to invite more high-quality projects from Europe to settle here by giving policy support and offering more cooperation opportunities.



The policies to support the cooperation with Germany enterprises will be released this year, which are expected to promote the introduction of advanced technical services from Germany.



Now, it is convinced that Sanlongwan will become a greater contributor to high-quality development in Foshan with its growing competitive edge.



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