Foshan Land Port, a key to build national-level logistics hub
Foshan China 2021-07-01 09:16

Out of 101 major projects in Foshan in the second quarter of 2021 revealed on June 29, Foshan International Land Port with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan is a significant one, marking the great progress of logistics in Foshan and the forthcoming birth of a global supply chain service platform.



Effective global supply chain

As e-commerce has become increasing important nowadays, it is necessary that Foshan give strong boost to the development of logistics.


Foshan, as a competitive manufacturing producer even in global market, is home to tens of thousands of leading companies participating in high-end competition in the global supply chain. As such, Foshan in the near future can benefit from the effective global chain, and is expected to be a leader in logistics industry.


Foshan International Land Port in Nanhai District serves as the first phase project of national logistics hub in Foshan, covering an area of 13.3 hectares or so. The construction plans to be finished within three years and put into use in the fourth year. It is expected to serve for 2000 or more local manufacturing companies, transport over 30 million small-size cross-border packages, with total import and export of over 10 billion US dollar and expected annual tax of more than 50 million yuan.


Digital and intelligent service

Digitalization and intellectualization are two powerhouses of Foshan International Land Port, one for connecting global market, the other for improving service while lowering its cost.


Specifically, since the port provides one-stop service and is close to industrial cluster, it is estimated that more than 10% of cost for logistic transportation, import and export can be cut for local manufacturing.


As to premium service, digital and intelligent service operation enable enterprises to have a close connection with supervision department and service providers for a faster turnover of stock.


Foshan International Land Port will attach importance to sea, land, air, train as well as mail transportation and provide digital and intelligent service to global industrial cluster. To this end, with improving global competition of products made in Foshan and intelligent manufacturing, the national-level logistics hub will be built in Foshan very soon.


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