Shunde aims to establish a sci-tech quality service cluster
Foshan China 2021-06-29 17:53

On the investment promotion meeting of sci-tech high-quality service cluster area held in Shunde District on June 28, Shunde built up a cooperative relationship with Jingan District in Shanghai. On the same day, a group of service platforms have opened and domestic top-notch agencies have settled.

Covering an area of nearly 6.67 square kilometers

The blueprint for building a national-level demonstration park that provides high-quality one-stop services reveals that it strives to reach an industrial scale of over 1 billion yuan, with an impact on other related industries that value more than 500 billion yuan.

On top of that, the park consists of 2 parts, Start-up Area and Southern Intelligent Valley Area, covering nearly 6.67 square kilometers. Functionally, the park can be divided into 6 zones, including industrial design, data application, quality standard, intelligent property and cooperation in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Connecting with Yangtze River delta economic area

Many companies at home and abroad have already seized the opportunity to land in the park. For example, Shunde District and Jingan District cofounded a platform for inspection, testing and certification, marking the first national-level demonstrative one. Several technical institutions, like Shanghai Electronic Certification Authority Co., Ltd, China Quality Mark Certification Group and China Productivity Center for Machinery have expressed their intention for further cooperation. Technical companies will also enter the park to provide professional services.

Supporting by talents and policies

Situated at the center of Shunde District, the park has attracted numerous professional talents and is able to provide services with an value of over 200 billion yuan for over 5,000 local companies.

The local government has also adopted a series of policies to attract investment. For example, well-known inspection agencies have the chance to get a reward of 30 million yuan to the most. And for those companies that choose to headquarter here, they can receive up to 50 million yuan. While leading service providers will be provided rent subsidies.

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