Charming lotus flowers bloom this summer in Foshan
Foshan China 2021-06-29 09:30

As summer has arrived, lotus flowers have come into a full blossom in many places of Foshan. Come with us and look at the most popular sites for enjoying lotus flowers in Foshan.


Chancheng Asian Art Park 


Asian Art Park is best well-known for its tourism spots that offer breathtaking "lotus beauty". Every summer, lotus flowers shine in beautiful blossom at a perfect timing. Now, though "lotus spray" has been closed off for the public, the lotus still blooms as gorgeously as the way it does.



Nanhai Shishan Xiaodehu Lake Park 


On hot summer days, lotus blossoms stand tall and majestic on the lake. When the breeze arrives, layers of leaves sway along and look vibrant.



Just the other day at Xiaodehu Lake Park, a few photos of a pond fish jumping above water to bite a lotus leaf were surprisingly captured at the exact moment and have caused a magical sensation this summer in Foshan.



Nanguo Peach Garden 


Walk into the park from its east gate and turn left, and you will be inexplicably attracted by a massive coverage of lotus flowers on the pond.



 Walking a few steps closer, one will smell the fragrance before he catches sight of the actual flowers.



FSUIPARK at Qiandenghu Lake Area 


At the heart of Nanhai District, FSUIPARK attracts visitors with 1500 pots of lotus flowers outdoors, as if there were a real-life version of "Wizard of Oz".



Gaoming Linggui Park 


On the surface of lotus pond at Linggui Park, there are beautiful lotus flowers striking different poses. Walk along the lotus pond at the park, a full coverage of lotus leaves matches perfectly with red blossoms in between.



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