12 measures to push forward digital upgrading in Foshan
Foshan China 2021-06-21 17:37
On June 18th, Foshan Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology published "Policies and Measures for Promoting Digital Transformation and Upgrading of Manufacturing Industries in Foshan (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "the Draft") and the city government now seeks to solicit opinions from the general public.
Based in the Draft, Foshan will support its digital transformation in manufacturing industry through 12 specific measures (see below), featuring various financing sources of financial support. For example, for high-standard digital demonstration factories, the highest reward reaches to 20 million yuan at one single time; for digital demonstration workshops, the highest reward reaches to 20 million yuan at one single time; for industrial Internet standard demonstration projects, they can receive funding as high as 3 million yuan; for digital intelligence upgrading programs, the highest reward reaches to 8 million yuan at one single time.
In Shunde, leading enterprises, such as Midea Group and KEDA Clean Energy, are initiating a wave of digital transformation.
The 12 overall measures are listed as below:

1. Support the construction of digital demonstrative factories
(1) Digital demonstrative factory
(2) Digital demonstrative workshop
2. Support the creation of a benchmark for digital intelligent transformation
(1) Industrial Internet demonstrative project
(2) Benchmark demonstrative project for digital intelligent upgrading
3. Strengthen financial services to support the digital transformation in manufacturing
(1) Interest discounts on bank loans
(2) Compensative measures for financing risks
4. Support small and medium enterprises to operate on "clouds" 

5. Support the construction of pilot projects for the digital transformation in industrial clusters
(1) Pilot projects for coordinated digital transformation in industrial chains
(2) Pilot digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises
6. Support the breeding service providers for digital transformation 
(1) An ecological resource pool for Industrial Internet
(2) An ecological supply resource pool for digital intelligent manufacturing equipment and robot industry
(3) Pivotal enterprises integrating robot manufacturing and system
7. Support the building and application of analysis system of industrial Internet logo

8. Support the development and application of industrial Internet applications

9. Support the construction of industrial Internet platforms
(1) Cross-industry and cross-field industrial Internet platforms
(2) Industrial Internet platforms for specific industries, and industrial Internet platforms in specific regions
10. Support the building of demonstrative parks for digital transformation in manufacturing industry

11. Support the provision of public services for digital transformation in manufacturing industry
(1) Public services for digital transformation in manufacturing industry
(2) Industrial monitoring and diagnosis services for digital intelligent manufacturing 
(3) Security services for Industrial Internet
(4) Infrastructure for digital upgrading
12. Support talent training in digital information
(1) Introduce more talents in digital information
(2) Speed up the building of talent centers
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