Guideline | How foreigners apply for vaccination in Foshan
Foshan China 2021-06-21 17:16
As a new wave of pandemic in Guangdong has affcted our life, mass nucleic acid testing and targeted control and prevention have been conducted in all districts in Foshan. For your safety and health, it is recommended that you receive vaccination at the right timing in Foshan. 
Feedbacks from foreginers after getting vaccinated in Foshan
In accordance with the principles of "informed consent, voluntariness, self-paying, and own risk-bearing", since April 16th, 2021, Foshan has started to provide domestically-produced COVID-19 vaccines to foreign nationals in the city subject to local age eligibility restrictions.
Follow our guideline on how to apply COVID-19 vaccination in Foshan. 
A foreign national in Nanhai taking a selfie while getting vaccinated
Foreign nationals, Hong Kong and Macao Compatriots living in Shunde aged between 18 to 59, those aged over 60 need to be vaccinated voluntarily for special reasons--provided that they are in good health conditions.
·Type and cost of vaccine
COVID-19 vaccines currently used in Foshan are inactivated vaccines domestically-produced which require two shots.
1. Free of charge: foreign citizens who are enrolled in the Guangdong Provincial social medical insurance program, Hong Kong and Macao Compatriots with Residence Permit or Chinese Mainland Medical Insurance Payment Record, all Hong Kong and Macao teachers and students can get vaccination for free.
2. At your own expense: those do not qualify for the above descriptions can get the COVID-19 vaccine at your own expense. The cost is 100 RMB/ dose.
·Designated stations in 5 districts
Foreign nationals who wish to be vaccinated can make an appointment through the WeChat service platform Yuejiantong (“粤健通”).
Scan the QR code below to make an appointment, and choose the nearest sites in your districts. Please do contact the number of all vaccintion sites if you need further information.
·Information Filling
Step 1: Add a vaccinator at first
Step 2: Fill in all your personal information
Step 2: After information has been filled in, click in "the 1st dose" or "the 2nd dose" based on your situation to make an appointment.
Step 3: Select the neareast vaccination site in your own district based on your residential area youve filled in.

·Guidelines on vaccination process
After the appointment is successfully made, applicants can bring their permanent residence ID cards or their passports with the valid residence permits as well as the valid local medical insurance proof and go to the designated site at the appointed time for vaccination. 
Before being vaccinated in the designated venue, foreign nationals are required to sign the letter of informed consent and the exemption commitment, ensure the personal protection, inform the on-site medical staff of their health status so that the staff could assess the suitability of vaccination. Vaccinated foreign nationals are suggested to pay close attention to their health status within 14 days of vaccination and go to hospital to seek medical advice in case of feeling unwell.
1. Recipients MUST stay 30 minutes at the vaccination station for observation and leave if no adverse reaction occurs.
2. Recipients are advised to have healthy diet, regular and good sleep, drink more water and ensure good hygiene as you get vaccinated.
3. Normal reactions may occur after the vaccination include getting red and swollen, pain, itchy, etc.; few people might have fever, fatigue, nausea, headache, etc. Usually these reactions will disappear automatically without special treatment.
4. Be aware of good self-protection and keep on wearing masks.
5. Two doses are required for an entire course in China. The interval is 4-8 weeks.
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