Sand paintings to commemorate "white angels" battling COVID-19
Foshan China 2021-06-18 17:10
Most recently, Kwong Xinting, an art teacher at the Affiliated Primary School to Gaoming No.1 Senior High School, created an intriguing sand painting video, as inspired by the local nucleic acid sampling team that has showcased a great deal of professionalism and humanity in their work. Numerous moving scenes have been included in the video. 


The sand painting video, titled "Dedication to Angels in White", was created based on the recent battle against the COVID-19 in Guangzhou and Foshan Area. In the video, one can feel first hand how quickly frontline workers in Gaoming have responded to calls from the local authority. Some of them had to leave behind their families at home, some shaved their hair to fit it the protection suits, some threw themselves in an ambulance in the middle of the night - they were all racing against time. All these unconditional and heroic moves were beautifully captured in the sand painting. 
As shared by the creator, the video is divided into three cuts, including an air of tension when the virus struck the area all of a sudden, hectic work done by medical staff during mass nucleic acid testing and a shout-out to all the brave ones out there with a wish that Foshan will overcome the virus soon.
On the day mass nucleic acid testing was kicked off in Gaoming District, Kwong has acted fast to sign in as a volunteer who helped residents register their information before the tests. In a blue plastic protective suit and a protective cap, she sweated a lot right away. "I only wore it for just like two hours and I have felt that hot already. I cant imagine how they feel after wearing them for so long." Inspired as she were, she turned all of her visions into her painting. 


From building concepts to editing, the sand painting video has only cost Kwong three days. She stressed that the greatest support people can offer to these city "guardians" would be to cooperate and to understand. In her own way, she resorted to sand paintings in ways that expressed gratitude and admiration from the bottom of her heart.
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