Cultural products enlivening Nanhai intangible cultural heritage
Foshan China 2021-06-17 18:08

The exhibition of “Cultural Products Make Life Better” kicked off on June 11th and will last till July 4th in a temporary exhibition hall in Nanhai Museum, showing 145 sets of cultural products with the elements of Nanhai intangible cultural heritage.



With favorable geographical environment, flourishing economy and rich traditions, Nanhai has nurtured various intangible cultural heritages, with a total of 66 registered ones, 2 of which are at state-level, 11 province-level and 26 district-level.


However, for the protection of intangible cultural heritage, inheritance in not enough. It is more important to bring culture to life, and producing cultural products is a way out.



The exhibition of "Cultural Products Make Life Better" was kicked off on June 11th and will last till July 4th at Nanhai Museum, showcasing 145 sets of cultural product with the elements of Nanhai intangible cultural heritage.


Among all this 145 sets (328 pieces), a series of products of Gambiered Canton Gauze combined traditional artistry and fashion are the most sought-after ones, including sachets, silk scarfs, masks, clothes, bags and so on.



All products on the exhibition like postcards, slippers, mobile phone cases and wind-bells are well-designed, expanding cultural reach of local intangible cultural heritages.

Indeed, intangible cultural heritages should be introduced to a larger population in China, young ones particularly, and into their daily life so that more people will be accessible to enjoy their charm.


Come and pick your favorite ones!


"Songgaoliu" cake gift box


"Songgaoliu" is a nickname of a respectable women living nearly a hundred years ago in Xiqiao Town, Nanhai District who raised her family by selling cakes. This gift box, with green as its main color tone, contains cakes of 6 colors, representing 6 kinds of Chinese teas. 

"Four ancient scholars in one family" series


Lun Wenxu is a famous scholar in Nanhai who got a first in the imperial examination in Ming dynasty. Three of his sons also got high rankings in the exam. In this series, all the products like bookmarks, cups, notebooks are printed with these four cartoon characters in ancient costume.


"Cultural Dragon" and "Lion Dance"



"Cultural Dragon" and "Lion Dance" are two Nanhai mascots, with dancing lion and dragon boat as their prototype. They are the representatives of this vigorous city.


Luocun gold foil



Foshan gold foil, made by a traditional artist in Nanhai, can be pasted on various artworks and commodities, like wooden combs and dancing lion. 

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