Bidding for Foshan Metro Line 4 finalized
Foshan China 2021-06-16 16:47

Yesterday (June 15th), exciting news about Foshan Metro Line 4 came out. According to Foshan Public Resources Trading Platform, Guangdong Huayuan Land Engineering Co., Ltd. (HUA DI HANG) has won the bid for the Foshan Metro Line 4 (Phase I) Project at RMB 4,170,800.


Detailed information on the bidding


The subway line starts at Times City (时代城) and ends at Gangkou Road (港口路), with a total length of 56 kilometers. 5 stations will be built in Sanshui District, including Beijiang Avenue Station, Xiqing Avenue Station, Peoples Hospital Station, Xinan Street Station, and Dongjiao Park Station (北江大道站、西青大道站、人民医院站、西南街道站、东郊公园站). Besides, information on entrances and exits of these stations has also been included in the announcement. Among them, 4 exits will be constructed at Beijiang Avenue Station and Xinan Street Station while the rest will be built in with 3 exits.

Metro Line 4

5 stations on Foshan Metro Line 4 in Sanshui District


As planned, with an estimated investment of 44.601 billion yuan, construction work for Foshan Metro Line 4 (Phase I) will start in 2021 and the line will come into operation in 2026.


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