Large funds to back up biomedical industry in Shunde
Foshan China 2021-06-16 16:41

Aiming to attract more related industries to settle down in Shunde, Implementation Measures on Promoting the Development of Biomedical Industry in Shunde District (Revised in 2021) (hereinafter referred to as the “Measures”) was unveiled recently. It is worth mentioning that a single project is allowed to receive 50 million yuan at most and extra support will be given to R&D programs of drugs against COVID-19.

In the next stage, favorable environment, resource distribution center, production base and international cooperation and innovation zone will also be in place to fuel the growth of biomedical industry in Shunde.


Louvre Furnishing Exhibition Center in Lecong Town


As the Measures shows, there are six key biomedical industries that Shunde gives priority to, including medical equipment, biological products, biological medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, high-end diagnosis and treatment services and biomedicine public service platform. Enterprises with core technologies will also be on the list. Besides, according to the supporting policies, the development of a new drug will be given 3 million yuan and a medical equipment, 500,000 yuan. Furthermore, institutions that develop drugs (vaccine included) to be treatments for COVID-19 will be provided extra financial support by stages, with a maximum of 8 million yuan for one drug in total.


Leliu Town renowned for handware manufacturing


In addition, national key scientific research projects in Shunde District are also backed up with financial support, with 10 million yuan for one at most. A drug put into production in Shunde is subsidized with 16 million yuan in total and a medical device, 6 million yuan.


For companies that accord with the investment schedule stipulated in the agreement and have a fixed investment of more than 10 million yuan (excluding decoration), the total subsidy for three years is no more than 50 million yuan. For programs industrialized in Shunde with winners of Nobel Prize in Medicine, Lasker Medical Research Awards or State Science and Technology Award as well as academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy as leaders or core members, the funding will be scale up to 50 million yuan for three years at most.


Xingtan Town, an innovation highland for Intelligent Equipment


Now, Shunde is working to build a “2+4+4” world-leading manufacturing cluster. Among them, a biomedicine and health industry cluster with a value of over 20 billion yuan is put high on agenda and soon, an influential industrial district will emerge in China.


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