Sanshan Luweiqiao Waterway Bridge to be completed in August
Foshan China 2021-06-16 16:28

On June 15th, great news came for Nanhai Sanshan New Town. Led by Bridge Bureau of China Railway Construction and Guangdong Construction Engineering Co., Ltd, major progress has been made for Sanshan Luweiqiao Waterway Bridge Project. With a loud whistle from the floating crane, box girders were installed to secure the closure of the main bridge. Up next, the construction team will enter a construction stage for bridge decking and auxiliaries, as the project is expected to be finished this August.


Sanshan Luweiqiao Waterway Bridge Project


Steady construction progress during pandemic: 4 months ahead of previous delivery date


Funded with a total investment of about 100 million yuan designated for 2 bridges, Sanshan Luweiqiao Waterway Bridge Project is located at Wenhanhu Lake Park in the Nanhai Area of Sanlongwan. Geographically advantaged as it is, the project spans Luweiqiao Waterway from south to north, which is seen as not only an essential part of Wenhanhu Lake Park, but also a key infrastructure that improves local pedestrian network and economic growth.


Clousure ceremony of the main bridge


The project was kicked off on December 15th, 2020, as contracted to wrap up on December 31st, 2021. In a spirit of professionalism, the Construction Bureau of Nanhai Area of Sanlongwan was expected to finish the project 4 months ahead of the original plan, in spite of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that had added more challenge to the construction work.


Sanshan Luweiqiao Waterway Bridge Project


According to Zou Guanfei, head of Planning and Construction Department of Construction Bureau of Nanhai Area of Sanlongwan, during the construction, prevention and control work against the virus has to come first. As planned, the construction will finish paving marble on the bridge deck this June and installing lighting devices for the main body of the bridge by the end of August.


Details on construction sites


In addition, in order to ensure consistency with local identities defined by Wenhanhu Lake Area, the local authority has started to collect names from the general public. The submission will last until the end of this month.


Innovation empowers "Beautiful Sanshan" Blueprint


Wenhanhu Park (Photo by Song Zitan)


Sanshan Luweiqiao Waterway Bridge marks another important breakthrough in "Beautiful Sanshan" Blueprint. In 2020, Nanhai Area of Sanlongwan unveiled its "Three-Year Action Plan for the Beautiful Sanshan", planning to build more than 100 parks/green spaces and more than 50 kilometers of waterfront roads in 3 years. In a strategic view, Sanshan will be developed into a demonstration zone for ecological construction in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.


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