Ink painting recorded touching moments of mass COVID testing
Foshan China 2021-06-15 17:43


Recently, frontline workers have been working so hard on the prevention and control of the epidemic. During these special days, many art workers recorded these moments with brushes. Zheng Xianfeng is one of them. Themed on the fight against the virus, a Chinese ink painting he drew, Work as One (《众志成城》), vividly shows the scenes at Yingyuehu Lake, which is originally a leisure place for Foshan citizens, but has become a nucleic acid testing site for now.




On this 2-meter high and 97cm wide painting, there are more than 300 characters, including policemen who are maintaining the order, volunteers in red uniforms, medical workers busy with their work and citizens wearing masks waiting in line for nucleic acid testing. Everyone is fulfilling his own responsibility.


Medical workers in protective suits


Speaking of his inspiration, the painter shared that it is the scenes where everyone worked cooperatively that inspired him to record them all. He therefore started painting it when queuing for the test.


Citizen are lining up orderly


Impressively, the painter has made full considerations in color and structure. The red of volunteers’ uniforms as well as blue and white of medical workers under the main tone of black and white show the hope and vitality.




In terms of structure, both citizens and medical workers stand at the center of the painting, showing the importance of their close cooperation in the battle against the virus.

Author | Ivy
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Video & Photo | Pearl River Times