Foshan traditional crafts came in spotlight on a digital display
Foshan China 2021-06-15 17:28

Launched on June 12th under the sponsorship of Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Shanghai Municipal Peoples Government, "Hundred Years of Arts · Passing on for Generations" Traditional Chinese Crafts Exhibition gathered up to 1,500 masterpieces from more than 1,200 inheritors of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) in China.


As a city with a phenomenal history in art, Foshan has submitted 16 art pieces of ICH from 11 local artists, including Shiwan Ceramics, Foshan Lanterns, Foshan Paper-cutting, and Gambiered Canton Gauze, as showcased with an overwhelming level of craftsmanship, creativity, ingenuity and local identities.


"Live in the Moment" (《喜看今朝》) by art master Liu Zemian


The 16 art pieces from Foshan have been on display in different venues. At Shanghai Baoshan International Folk Art Exhibition Hall, the main venue of the show, two epic figure ceramics - "Live in the Moment" (《喜看今朝》) by art master Liu Zemian and "General Ye Ting" (《叶挺将军》) by high-profile artist Huo Jiarong - have attracted wide attention.


"A dedication to Spring" (《惜春作画》)


 "General Ye Ting" (《叶挺将军》) by artist Huo Jiarong


At Shanghai Haipai Art Museum, spotlight was given to a few amazing works, such as "Lu Yu Tasting Tea" (《品茶翁陆羽》) by Liu Bing, "Mighty Southern Guangdong Part II" (《南粤雄风》) by Pang Wenzhong, "A dedication to Spring" (《惜春作画》) and "Zen Master of Bodhidharma" (《达摩禅师》) by Liu Xueling.


"Mighty Southern Guangdong Part II" (《南粤雄风》)


Apart from ceramic arts, three highly artistic paper-cuttings from Foshan were also highlighted on the show, including two works from Chen Yongcai, "Fishing and Farming in woodland" (《渔樵耕读》) and "Scenic Foshan" (《佛山风景》) and a well-known piece from Rao Baolian, "Foshan New Eight Views (Long Volume)" (《佛山新八景 长卷》).


"Fishing and Farming in woodland" (《渔樵耕读》)


"Foshan New Eight Views (Long Volume)" (《佛山新八景 长卷》)


At Maoma Warehouse, there are a few more well-crafted Foshan lanterns from two registered ICH inheritors, Yang Yurong and Huang Hongyu.


"Warm, Flowery Spring - Fish Scales Lantern" by Huang Hongyu


"Colorful Lotus - Walking Horse Lantern" by Yang Yurong


"Eggshell Lantern" by Yang Yurong


"Melon Seed Shaped Lantern" by Yang Yurong

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