Gorgeous sunflowers brought a ray of sunshine in Foshan​
Foshan China 2021-06-15 17:22

Entering the month of June, we are blessed with a flowering season of sunflowers in Foshan. At Wenhanhu Lake Park, a sea of sunflowers rises up to the sun, looking gorgeous more than ever this season, in spite of this on-going COVID-19 pandemic.



Under a ray of warm sunshine, golden sunflowers came into a full blossom. In a distance, the lake looks as if an emerald dotted with gold.


As the breeze comes, flowers sway beautifully as a fresh fragrance is wafted along.



At dusk, the sea of flowers matches perfectly with the afterglow. Everything looks soft and graceful exactly the way presented in an impressionist masterpiece.



As a symbol of hope, these sunflowers bloom in the right moment to generate the best wishes for everyone combating COVID-19.



Lets hope we get the chance to appreciate beautiful blossom once the pandemic has gotten well under control.

Author | Jersey
Revisor | Ivy, Jessica
Photo | 佛山发布、文翰湖畔、Foshan News Network