Phase II of Foshan Metro Line 2 to be constructed this year
佛山外事 2021-06-10 18:17

Recently, China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group (hereinafter referred to as "China Railway Eryuan") won the bid for Foshan Metro Line 2 (Phase II) Exploration and Design Project. As a contractor, China Railway Eryuan is also responsible for the western extension of the horizontal sixth line of Foshan Artery to the fast track to airport in Gaoming (hereinafter referred to as "Western Extension Project"). With this project, Foshan will built its first bridge designed with a rail and highway line, which is planned simultaneously with the horizontal sixth road of Nanhai-Gaoming Cross-river Corridor (hereinafter referred to as "Hengliu Road Project").


As shown on the website of Foshan Public Resources Trading Platform, the project will be launched with a contracting value of 365 million yuan.


Strategically, Foshan Metro Line 2 (Phase II) was designed with 10 stations that spans a length of 23.5 km, 1 parking lot and 1 main substation; the Hengliu Road Project will be located inside Gaoming District and Nanhai District, featuring a section of 5.82 km crossing West River overlapping with Metro Line 2.



Schematic diagram of Metro Line 2, Phase II


As for the Western Extension Project with a total length of 29.55 kilometers, it starts from Pearl River Delta Hub (Guangzhou New) Airport, extends along Xijiang Avenue east towards the level crossing between Xijiang Avenue and Hefu Road and links to Hengliu Road Project.




In a long run, an expressway connecting Foshan city center with the new airport will take shape (Jihua Road -- Longwan Bridge -- Xijiang Rail-Highway Bridge -- New Airport).


So far, funds for the projects have been in place and construction work will begin at the end of this December.


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