Notice on Further Strengthening the Epidemic Prevention and Control Measures
Foshan COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarter 2021-06-07 17:52

In order to stop the spread of the epidemic and protect the health of the public, we will strengthen the following measures:


1. Tougher travel restrictions. According to differentiated measures for different levels of lockdowns, people in high-risk areas and lockdown areas should stay at home; people can only enter but not leave areas under restrictive measures; the general public should not leave Foshan or Guangdong Province for non-essential reasons. Those who really need to leave Foshan or leave the province are required to present a negative nucleic acid test result within 48 hours (this policy will take effect from 12:00 on June 7). Employees of Party committees and government agencies at all levels, enterprises, public institutions, schools and travel agencies should take the lead in implementing the requirements of not leaving Foshan or the province for non-essential reasons.


2. Tougher traffic control. Highways, railways, airports, ports should divert the flow of people to avoid crowds, and carefully check passenger information; buses, taxis, and car-hailing services providers must ask passengers to wear masks, keep ventilation and disinfection and ensure that their employees undertake proper self-protection; measures such as body temperature monitoring, health code check must be implemented; passengers with red or yellow code will be prohibited from boarding public transportation.


3. Stricter quarantine measures. People going through quarantine in designated places, at homes, and people residing in areas under restrictive measures shall strictly abide by control requirements: they shall conduct health monitoring, and not go out without authorization. Anyone who violates relevant regulations and causes the risk of spreading the disease will be investigated for legal responsibility in accordance with the law.


4. Better information updates. In the past 14 days, those who have travelled to medium-and-high-risk areas, lockdown areas, areas under restrictive measures or have close contact  with people from the aforementioned areas should register on “Foshan Tong (佛山通)” Wechat mini program within 2 hours after arriving in Foshan, as well as report to their employers and communities (villages) as soon as possible and provide health information and travel history. They should cooperate to take nucleic acid tests, and go through health monitoring. Those with yellow codes should immediately take nucleic acid test on the same day and report the test results. The information provided must be true and credible, otherwise corresponding legal responsibilities shall be borne for concealing and reporting false information.


5.Wider nucleic acid testing.Citizens are requested to cooperate with massive nucleic acid tests to ensure that no one is missed. People should observe the order of the sampling sites, wear masks and keep a distance of more than one meter.


6. Tougher restriction on dine-in services. As dine-in services may be banned or restricted, people are required to follow relevant local management measures and to avoid gathering and dining together. Meanwhile, people are encouraged to pick up food at restaurants and order take-outs; canteens (including government agencies, institutions, schools, factories, construction sites, businesses) should implement measures such as checking temperatures, dining at different time slots, setting up dividers at tables.


7. Tougher control on gatherings. Meetings, training sessions, and events should be conducted online as much as possible. Offline large-scale events should be reduced. If an event must be held, the scale should be reduced, the number of people controlled, and epidemic prevention and control measures should be implemented in accordance with the principle of "whoever holds the event takes full responsibility."


8. Tougher control in public places. The management and control measures for public places in the medium-and-high-risk areas and lockdown areas shall be implemented in accordance with the Attachment 1 and Attachment 2 of Prevention and Control Notification on Further Classification of Areas in Foshan. The indoor public venues shall ask visitors to make appointments, conduct peak shift, check temperatures, show health code, wear masks before entry. Entertainment venues should be temporarily closed.


9. Better personal protection. People are strongly encouraged to follow good habits such as wearing masks, washing hands, cleaning homes, and using serving chopsticks. People should cook food thoroughly, cover coughs and sneezes, keep good indoor ventilation, reduce gatherings, and maintain a social distance of more than one meter. People shall conduct self-health monitoring every day. When you develop symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, decreased sense of smell (taste), diarrhea, please report your conditions through the Yuekang code. Make sure you step up protective measures such as wearing masks and avoiding public transportation, and you should immediately go to the nearest fever clinic for medical care, and honestly  inform your epidemiological history.


The above prevention and control measures are periodically adjusted based on the epidemic risk assessments. This notice will take effect on the date of issuance.



Foshan COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters

June 6, 2021