Voices from Foshan expats under the pandemic
Foshan China 2021-06-07 11:22





Recently, a new wave of COVID-19 outbreak in Guangdong attracted wide attention. Foshan people have been working together to fight against the virus. 


How were the lives of Foshan expats affected and what did they think about the prevention and control measures? Some of them shared their stories with Foshan News.


Ruben, America, Foreign Teacher




Ruben is a foreign teacher in a school in Nanhai District. As the school is located at a medium and high-risk area, it is in a lockdown to ensure everyones safety. So far, all the faculty and students of all grades have been in quarantine at school for nearly a week. Ruben told us that although he really missed his wife and 6-month-old daughter back home in Chancheng, he hoped all people could follow the epidemic prevention and control measures and take the inconvenience now so that we could get pass the pandemic soon.


Neil, India, Doctor




On these days, Dr. Vikalp Jadav Vadathya (Dr Neil) has been working on sending out messages and guidelines to about 4,500 patients in the International Health Care Unit (IHCU) of Foshan Chancheng Central Hospital. Seeing that many medical colleagues, volunteers, community workers and citizens have been doing their parts, his faith in Foshan’s fight against the pandemic grows.




Fons, Dutch Consulate Officer




Fons used to commute back and forth from Foshan to Guangzhou every day, and now he works from home. As a part of the Ronggui Community, he already signed up the nucleic acid testing. He also expressed his thanks to the medical staff in Foshan for their dedication to the large-scale testing these days. 


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