"Lunjiao Cake" rated as Geographical Indications Protection Products
Foshan China 2021-06-01 17:22
On May 31st, an exciting news came that "Lunjiao Cake", a well-known Shunde snack, was approved as a Geographical Indication Protection Product. It marked a step forward for Shunde local food culture, not only for its cultural value, but also for market popularity.
Till now, Shunde is home to 2 Geographical Indications Protection Products (Gambiered Canton Gauze and Lujiao Cake); 4 verified enterprises to use special signs for geographical indication products; 1 product approved with geographical indication certification mark (Gambiered Shunde Gauze); 16 companies using geographical indication trademarks - Shunde has outnumbered most districts (counties) in the Pearl River Delta Area. 
Geographical indications, whose functions are similar to trademarks, are key to identifying the source of goods. "But for products like Lujiao cake approved as geographical indication protection products, they will receive more attention as for intellectual property rights." according to a local government official, "This will enable us to transform Shundes natural advantages into market advantages. From now on, Lunjiao Cake is one of our strong brands we are all proud of."
Noted as the City of Gastronomy, Shunde boasts not only traditional snacks such as Double-Layer Steamed Milk Custard and Lunjiao Cake, but also local specialties like "Renhai Eel" and "Junan Caowan Fish". By giving out policy dividends, policy dividends and putting in place protection declaration office for geographical indication products, Shunde has managed to breed a number of geographical indication resources.
Reportedly, in order to promote "Lunjiao Cake", Foshan will draw from the success of gambiered canton gauze by improving the quality of this advantaged projects. In this way, every consumer in Shunde, the Pearl River Delta and Greater Bay Area as a whole can enjoy healthy and tasty "Lunjiao Cake".
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Photo | Lan Zhiling, Nanfang Daily