Foshan voted as a pilot city for "Innovation China" project
Foshan China 2021-06-01 17:14
From the May 28th to 30th, Beijing bore witness to three important conferences held in Beijing - two academician conferences by Chinese Academy of Sciences (20th) and Chinese Academy of Engineering (15th), and the 10th National Congress of Chinese Association for Science and Technology. Essential to the event was the announcement of pilot cities for "Innovation China", and Foshan is upon the list. 
Launched by Chinese Association for Science and Technology in 2020, "Innovation China" is a nationally renowned brand that specializes in innovation and entrepreneurship services. First thing first, it aims to build a comprehensive platform for technical service trading, and build a complete industrial chain based on analyzing the needs of local enterprises; second, it seeks to build an incentive mechanism that integrates industries and universities, which helps to gather up talents, integrate technologies and services in a way that allows our society and economy to be better served by technology.
The inclusion of Foshan as a pilot city for "Innovation China" brought exciting opportunities, as the project integrates resources from the governments, enterprises, academies, and the market. Plus, at a critical juncture for industrial upgrading, technologies, talents and projects from home and abroad will be channeled as well.
During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period of Foshan (2021-2025), Foshan looks to establish cooperative relations with more than 100 national societies and international academic/technical institutions; develop a solid technical support and self-innovation system with over 500 local units; build over 10 industrial technological innovation alliances that cover more than 1,000 service companies; build 5 workstations for academician experts and build more than 5 academician expert workstations. It is expected that a powerful R&D team and a support system will take shape in main industries of Foshan. 
In addition, based on the realities of local industries, Foshan has sorted out the possible weak links and bottleneck problems like key technologies, key basic materials, core components, process equipment on its way to build up "2+2+4" industrial clusters. By analyzing and researching key industries, Foshan solves "bottleneck" problems in its manufacturing industry. Indeed, by championing win-win progress in technological innovation among enterprises, Foshan brings together top innovation resources at home, and those introduced from overseas and Hong Kong, Macao. In this connection, enterprises will find it much easier to create technological breakthrough and they will be benefited in an industrial innovation ecology.
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